We are committed to covering all aspects of a woman's walk of life whether it be emotional, physical, or personal. From Support Groups to Women's Assistance Programs, women will be able to enhance their self worth and gain control of an independent lifestyle. Our main focus is to show women the love of God and to not lose heart in any situation they may be going through at the time. Believing women will be blessed coming into the Center and blessed going out!!

Fellowship is a large part of the Ministry Center. You are not alone, all women can find God’s love, encouragement, time for sharing, new friendships, prayer time and more.

Ministering Center-
Through Bible studies and support groups, women can develop a stronger and closer relationship with God.

Mentoring Center-
Mentoring will encourage relationships between women in different stages of life.

Help and Resources Center-
Provides information on places to go to get help with food and provisions for their families, utility bills, potential job opportunities, overnight shelters, clothing pantries, professional counseling resources.

Offering christian books, CD'S DVDS to enjoy at the center or check out for your convenience.

The Quiet Place-
A place to collect your thoughts and be rejuvenated. A room designed for peace and quiet with Christian reading materials and music to enjoy.

Support Line-
Phone service is available during business hours for women to connect with other women.

Daytime Shelter-
The Women's Ministry Center is a safe environment for women to find shelter from daily stress, violence, loneliness. The shelter is a place to share your pain and heal your hearts with Christ’s love.