Staff 1VOLUNTEER #1: Terry Buerck
I am so blessed that God has chose me to volunteer and serve at the center with such wonderful women. The feeling and joy of serving is more than I can even explain when I leave at the end of a day of being there.










Staff 1VOLUNTEER #2: JoAnne Siekman
I met Linda at church then I attended a Womens United in Christ luncheon and knew this is where God wanted me to serve. I've worked the registration desk at various events. Currently, I'm sorting donated clothing and other items getting ready for our yard sale. The absolutely most awesome thing is the beautiful friends I've come to know and love.








Staff 1VOLUNTEER #3: Sandy Meyer
A pastors wife once told me, when you are down and depressed, get out and help someone else. That's what I did and WOW, did I get blessed! He put me with Christian women who love God. We all serve together and have created friendships that can't be broken. Thank you God for the Womens Ministry Center. I know he has placed me right where I need to be. I am blessed beyond measure...helping others, and loving it.





"Take Your Mess and Make it your Ministry"



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